Sponge bar alternative…

Thanks for the question!  Please let me know if you need more information. Step by step is below.  Did the pics tonight, hope they help!

In my Kantan Bulky original post I had replaced the sponge bar in my Kantan Bulky and Empisal ribber with 3/16 inch copper U channel (stained glass supply store) and bias tape folded in half. After a while the bias tape settled and I knew that wasn’t a permanent solution. So I searched you tube and after watching this video came up with a great alternative. You see, if the sponge material will fill the sponge bar cavity, you don’t need the metal bar anymore!! I got some 1/2 inch *20 foot backer rod insulation foam from Walmart, one bag is about $4.00. though 3/8 or smaller may have been easier, 1/2 inch worked fine, cut in half lengthwise.

You’ll find it in the hardware section by the weatherstripping.

How to do it.

Gather your tools and a roll of masking tape. The wrench or driver size is 5.5mm, you also need a small Phillips screwdriver, and a pair of scissors.

1. Tape all needle heads so the needles don’t move during this. You will save ALOT of grief.

2. Clamp machine bed to the edge of a table, then carefully remove the flat head Phillips screws, nut and washer from the needle retaining bar at the front of the machine, this is the metal piece the needles are secured with. Its best to hold the screw in place and loosen the nut from underneath, so you dont strip the screws. Don’t remove the outside edge (rounded machine screws) yet.

3. Measure out a piece of foam long enough to fill the channel from left to right, and cut lengthwise in half.

4. Remove all but the far left screw and gently slide the metal retaining bar (in the pic above with the colored ink) forward slightly, allowing access to the sponge bar channel from the top.

5. Carefully insert the sponge into the cavity, it should rest on top of the needles. Once you reach half way, carefully remove the left edge screw and replace the far right edge screw, continuing to fill the sponge bar cavity.

6. Carefully push the metal retaining bar back into place, inserting left edge screw first. Then replace the inside edge screws.

7. Insert the flathead screws across the retaing bar and fasten with washer and nut.

8. Remove masking tape, push needles back and forth a few times to settle the sponge in place. The needles should move with a little tension. They should not be loose or free sliding, and should not be difficult to move either.

9. Replace knitter carriage and Cast on!

Hope this helps. Please like if it does🤗

Best wishes!!

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