RUBY…Where have I been?

New York, Texas, California, Florida, The British Isles, South America, St. Louis, Cleveland, Conneticut, Oklahoma, Kentucky. All places that are connected to Ruby and coincidentally, all places I have traveled to. Each time I travel, I keep her history in the back of my mind, should there be a nugget of proof I can locate.

Most recently, I took a chance on locating the place where ruby’s husband had been interred. I was searching for connections, names, relatives. I found myself walking through the Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis at 9AM. (sidenote…excellent website, interesting history, potentially dangerous area-Clark Griswald was right….roll up!) Over the years I have had but one short email from Rubys only surviving niece. With just a few sentences, she unlocked the story and all th pieces I had collected an conjectured, now began to l I no together, . Afterwards, I think, maybe my follow-up questions were a little too much, coming from a stranger. So I’ve been flowing the documents, the census, birth and death certificates, compiling a colorful story of triumph through lifelong adversity. By accident, becoming Ruby’s keeper of Records.

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